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Best Psychic Reading Ever!

I met Cheryl during an event in October.  She immediately connected with my Mom, Grandma and Aunt.  I felt as if they were actually standing behind me and using her as an interpreter!   Several months later, I reached out to her for a more in depth reading.  It was absolutely the most wonderful experience that I have ever had!  I had many questions regarding my Mother and Father, and I swear, my Father sat at her side for several days and fed her information!!  She kept in touch with me for nearly 5 days, providing more and more detail.  It cleared up a lot of things for me that I would never have been able to find out.  I highly recommend her to anyone!  I'm looking forward to my next reading.  Thank you, Cheryl, for sharing your amazing gift!

Stacey F.

I saw Cheryl for a reading and received such wonderful healing I had tears of happiness! My father had passed a few months earlier. I was actually not expecting to hear from him. Cheryl brought through a message from my Dad that was so profound and specific, there was no doubt in my mind the message was from him, and that he was watching over me still. It brought a great healing to my soul. Cheryl is sincere and caring in her delivery of messages, and spot on! I hope you get to enjoy her wonderful gift!

--Mary L. P.

I just had a reading with Cheryl Furze. She is kind, passionate, and intuitive. I asked her if we could connect with a friend who recently passed. She told me my friend would send feathers from a blue jay to let me know she is here... A week earlier, on the way to her funeral I stopped for something to eat. In a bush was a blue bird. I immediately thought that was a sign from my friend. I googled the symbolism of "blue bird". Nothing connected until my reading when Cheryl told me my friend would be leaving me blue bird feathers. Goose bumps! If you want to talk to a loved one who has passed, I recommend Cheryl. 

Jamie 'Glasgow' Allmark

I don't even know where to start... You are absolutely amazing!!! The first 2 times we chatted was by chance... (and the fact my mom wouldn't leave you alone!) and this 3rd time... Just as accurate, heart felt, heart and mind easing... The gift you have given to me of taking away my uncertainty and putting my mind and heart to rest is the most amazing gift I have ever received. The loss of my mother, my rock, my best friend was beyond devastating, and even tho I knew I tried to do exactly as she would have wanted in her last living days here, you have helped me know I definitely did. I am so very grateful to whomever put you in my path, or put me in yours, because I don't have a second thought that I did what was needed and wanted by my mom. I look forward to all of our future meetings, and I wish you the absolute best of luck on this amazing and wonderful journey you are taking, and I know that everone that has the pleasure of meeting you will feel the same way. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart..

Ulonda Hill Jaskula

Cheryl is an amazing healer and intuitive channel. She has the most accurate intuitive advice I personally have ever experienced or witnessed. Two examples of which I not only appreciate, but will also remember forever.  First is during a healing session one week before I moved to Thailand, she informed me of a woman from the countyside that I would connect with. She mentioned this young lady would be a genuine and authentic woman, very much different than other women I would eventually meet there. Well, 3 weeks after arriving to Thailand I did in fact meet a young lady completely fitting the bill of what Cheryl had predicted. Almost too a tee, Cheryl was spot on. This lady was from the country, down to earth, and true jem to be around. We actually ended up dating for several months.
Second, was while being offered 3 different job opportunities in Los Angeles, CA. While having a session with her she whole heartedly told me which one would be right for me. At first I didnt believe this completely, as I really wanted another one. But after a week the job I wanted fell apart, and the one she had mentioned fell into my lap. Not only that, but it ended up being a total joy to take part in and was more lucrative than I had imagined.
Due to these experiences with Cheryl, I clearly trust her god-given ability to read the future and give guidance to me as well as others I continue to recommend to her. I recommed Cheryl's work to anyone seeking guidance.
Jarin Kenyon, Life Coach - Los Angeles, CA

I am officially a believer. I've been heavy hearted and feeling lost in my life and after my one hour session, I feel like a ton has been lifted. Very accurate, without any information from me. I'll be on the look out for the things she told me to watch for. I'm very grateful and appreciative. I highly recommend her. 

Tiffany Terry

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